Friday, January 18, 2019

Handy Dandy On-line Tools!

Over the years, I've noticed how much seed companies have raised their game, offering gardeners some very nice free extras and tools to improve the gardening experience.  Along with amazing seed and plant offerings, we now have planting tips and advice, timing, garden design and innovative gardening tools and applications.  Below I offer you a few of my favorite seed and gardening supply company offerings  I'll add to the list when I find them. If you know of any not listed here, leave me a comment and I'll check them out.

Garden Planning Help    If you want to visualize what your garden might look like in the height of the season, or just want help figuring out what to put where, try the Kitchen Garden Planner from Gardeners Supply.  It's a lovely, highly-customizable tool for the raised-bed, square foot,  -- or any gardener for that matter! You can browse through an assortment of lovely pre-planned gardens or plan your own unique garden with this tool. And speaking of tools, if you're looking for some garden related tool, this is the place to start your search. There's also a handy how to use video by Laura from GardenAnswer

When, How and What to Plant    If you're like me, you spend quite a bit of time getting your when to plant game plan together.  This little guide from High Mowing Organic Seeds is a big help.  When, how, how deep, spacing, and that all important when is all covered in this nifty little grid:

High Mowing Seeds Logo

Garden Journaling    Southern Exposure seeds has a very nice, all-in-one that I really enjoy.  Their Garden Journal on-line app allows the gardener to plan, journal, and trouble pests.  It's a day-by-day tracker that helps you keep track of when you should start your transplants indoors, when to fertilize, and more.  The also have a Garden Planner on-line app for advice on what to grow and pests. It requires creating an account but it's worth it.

All Three    If you want to try a different garden planner, along with journaling AND garden tips, look no further than the tools offered by Territorial Seed.  They have nice mobile versions of their tools, something which comes in handy when you're standing in front the seed racks, trying to remember what you have and what you need.  Check it out here:

Last, but by no means least,  there's Hudson Valley Seed Company. They are a seed company that incorporates beautiful art in their packaging and offer much of the art for sale along with their wonderful selection of seeds which come packaged in it, if you wish. On these grey winter days its a treat to see the beautiful illustrations that will come winging to your door when your seed order arrives. For those who would like to enjoy some of the illustrations every month, they offer a gorgeous 2019 Calendar featuring lots of lovely gardening illustrations.

And if you want to begin saving seeds, there's great how-to information included in their website! They offer a seed saving kit too.
If you know of any other handy gardenin/seed company tools, please leave me the links in a comment and I'll add to the list.

Now,  get out there and get your hands dirty!
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