Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One Of My Favorite Places -- Marvin's Organic Gardens

I love a good garden store!  The more organically oriented, and bigger, the better!  It's unusual to find everything in one place, but that's exactly what Marvin's Organic Gardens is -- your one-stop shop for all things garden and organic. If you need it for your garden and it's organic, it's a good bet Marvin's  has it.

Marvin's in-house wetlands

Started in 1999 by Marvin Duren on 67 acres outside Lebanon Ohio, Marvin's Organic Gardens is a full-service organic gardening center.  Mr. Duren became interested in the impact chemicals have on the environment after seeing first hand the devastation wrought by Agent Orange (aka Round-Up) in Vietnam.  He determined that supporting a healthy eco-system was vitally important. Marvin and his son Wes,  continue to operate under that same philosophy by using eco-friendly practices in their landscape services and supplying organic products to commercial and hobby gardeners throughout the region.
Wes Duren 
From heirloom plants to organic compost, garden ornaments to gorgeous cedar raised garden bed frames, Marvins offers the lot.  They even have an on-site wetlands, loaded with frogs and red-winged blackbirds -- natures harbingers of eco-health!

Offering a complete line of organic landscaping services and wholesaling, Marvin's Organic Gardens also has a beautifully laid out, fully organic gardening shop with a great selection of seeds, tools, organic gardening sprays and supplies, plus a nice collection of lovely garden furniture and ornaments for sale.

Marvin's retail store

The greenhouses are enormous -- stocked to the gills with heirloom and hybrid organic plants, water barrels, and a line of organic lawn care products that won't make you feel guilty about having a lawn as lush and green as your neighbors. 

Blackbirds, landscape plants, and lawn care -- the Marvin's Organic way

Compost is something that is dear to the Durens.  Years ago, Marvin began collecting coffee grounds for composting from all of his Waffle House Restaurants.  His son Wes Duren carries on the family tradition of collecting grounds from the restaurants, even after the chain of eateries was sold.  Now, to augment their supply of compost, the Durens create their own buy-the-scoop organic composted horse manure in house by turning literally tons of horse manure -- collected from a nearby racetrack -- into gardening gold. 

Horse manure on it's way to being house-made Eco Gold -- by the scoop
Marvin's Organic Gardens
2055 U.S. Route 42 South
Lebanon, OH 45036
Phone: 513.932.3319
Fax: 513.696.4263

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 9-6, Sunday 12-5

*Disclaimer: I was given absolutely nothing for writing this review.  I wish I had... ;) ~ Nan The No-Till Gardener

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  2. I always love to grow a organic garden and i had one which is appreciated by all family as well as neighbors



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