Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NOOOOOO more snow!

The garden in winter...

We're expecting another four to six inches of snow! Five days of unrelentingly gloomy, grey skies, followed by one tantalizing partially sunny day. Now, four to six inches of snow!  It's March for pete's sake. Spring is right around the corner -- technically -- a couple of weeks away. And, yet, more snow.  At least we're not in Minnesota...

I've been tinkering with my garden layout this year, using a fun FREE gardening layout tool from http://www.smartgardener.com.  Currently, I have four 4x8 beds.  I'm thinking of closing off the ends with additional 4x12 beds, connecting the northernmost beds together, and adding a small center raised bed on the diagonal (can't be well-represented here)  -- about 3x3.  This would increase my usable gardening area to 289 square feet! Whoo hoo! Here's a screenshot of my plan.  I have the hay, straw, and lumber.  Just need the time -- and A FEW NICE, SUNNY DAYS! 

I've been slowly sorting through my considerable seed stash. Like most February Junkies, I've purchased this and that interesting seed from a few purveyors of fine organic seeds.  I also stopped by the garden center the other day to look at  potato sets. I've come across a great idea from Growing Lots Blog about growing potatoes in towers created from old fence wire (I have a rusty roll just itching for repurposing), straw (a no-till gardener's best friend, next to moldy alfalfa hay) and compost (something of which I have in abundance). My plan is to create four of these potato towers and place one on each corner of my garden. That's the plan anyway... 

Time to plant a few things under the hoops... Collards, Kale (two to three types), garlic, lettuce carrots, chard, beets, bok choy, mustard, turnips, and radishes -- lots of radishes. I may add a layer of row cover just beneath the plastic hoop cover. Did you know that each layer of cover you add give you another USDA zone, or so. So adding a layer will give my beds about 20 degrees.  

Do you miss the smell of moist soil, getting your hands dirty in the garden?  If so, check out the Digging In radio program every Wednesday from 4-5 pm on WAIF Radio.  You can listen in on-line, via their live stream...

I'd bet that there is a local gardening radio show near you. If you find one, let me know. I love spreading the word about good gardening media!

Here's to dreaming of getting out there and getting our hands dirty!

Now, get out there and get your hands dirty! 

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